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The Shen Counter

Author: Nicole Jakubowski

The Shen Counter

As an empath who senses other people’s emotions, eighteen year old Jade MacKenzie is no stranger to special abilities. Her friend Morgan is a telepath and her uncle Hunter is a rare immortal. Jade enjoys sharing people’s feelings, even if it does bring on the occasional anxiety attack. Alex Mitchell, Jade’s long time friend, wants more than anything to escape his abusive father. On the verge of attending different colleges, Jade and Alex are faced with traumatic, new realities. Alex is injured and learns he has the potential to become immortal, and Jade’s parents are brutally murdered. Alex, knowing Jade is in danger, wants to become immortal to help keep her safe. But Hunter, as the only person with the power to change Alex, fights his decision every step of the way.

As details regarding Jade’s parents’ death and her own ability are revealed, Jade leans on Morgan and Hunter for support and she and Alex fall in love. Shortly after Jade begins college classes, her life is threatened by an immortal. Will Jade stay one step ahead of those seeking to destroy her?

THE SHEN COUNTER is a coming of age paranormal romance about a girl with an unbreakable spirit and a lonely, determined boy who together, conquer their fears to stay alive.

Book Details


  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy


  • ASIN: B00823QDVM
  • Published: 2014
  • English
  • File size: 816 KB
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Screen Reader
  • Pages: 327


  • ISBN: 9781482351842
  • Published: 2013
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 358 pages