Transplant Mainer

I've been an avid reader and writer my whole life. I mostly enjoy adult fiction and mysteries, some Young Adult, and I dabble in fantasy and romance. My first writings were in a handmade journal (consisting of notebook paper and construction paper for the cover) at age 8. I wrote several poems and short stories and in my thirties, published two Young Adult novels, The Shen Counter and Mustang and Cherries.

Lately I've been channeling my art elsewhere; towards painting. I started with watercolors - I love the unpredictability and surprise of how the paint works with water. During the pandemic, I was working at the public library and created a couple of beginner how-to videos. It was a fun challenge. Now I split my time between watercolors and oil, and find oil to be more of a challenge. I am inpatient and waiting for paint to dry is not fun! Luckily, one of my other favorite hobbies is coloring while listening to audiobooks so I do that while waiting for paint to dry.

I am sure in a few years, I'll find another way to express myself through art. For now, it's painting and writing.

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